Emerging from the outskirts of Vancouver, arrives suburban alternative group Ark & Ocean.

Clothed in individual experience, Sam Romijn, Silas Witkamp and Jon Saldanha made the decision in early 2015 to break into the music industry as a partnership among friends. 

Over the years, Sam, Silas and Jon have had the privilege of playing alongside some of Vancouver’s finest artists, contributing to projects in a diverse array of musical genres. 

However, as most musicians would acknowledge, there is something special about crafting your own project. This cohesive idea of individual aspirations is recognized today as Ark & Ocean.

Rigged with symphonic guitars and uplifting melody lines, Ark & Ocean seeks to capture its audience through an artistic blend of both modern and classical odes.

Ark & Ocean is set to release their debut single “Passing Through” in Spring 2015.